Dental Crowns​ Restore Tooth Structure

Ivonne Castro Family Dentistry is honored to provide a plethora of restorative dental techniques that exhibit our holistic, minimally invasive approach. Teeth can undergo considerable harm caused by cavities, trauma, or other destructive processes. For instance, when a patient requires a root canal, their tooth is often left vulnerable from the procedure. Many situations can leave your teeth compromised and fragile, requiring a restorative technique to optimize durability and aesthetics.

Dental crowns preserve the remainder of your natural teeth, helping rebuild them with superior comfort and security. Our crowns can be custom-crafted to repair a single damaged tooth or an entire mouth. Dr. Ivonne Castro may recommend utilizing porcelain crowns in addition to dental implants or dental bridge.


The Process for Porcelain Crowns

After an initial consultation that allows our team to plan your dental restoration, you only require two appointments to experience the benefits of porcelain crowns. During your first dental visit, we prepare your teeth for porcelain crown installation. We present all the information needed for our master lab technician in order for them to create beautiful, custom porcelain crowns. Temporary crowns are placed on your teeth in order to provide full functionality until your permanent porcelain crowns are designed and completed.

The second appointment typically takes place about two to three weeks later. Dr. Ivonne Castro fits you with your permanent porcelain crowns, ensuring proper alignment and aesthetics. If both parties are satisfied, we meticulously bond the crowns into place. Minor adjustments and a final polish ensure you’ll love the way your new smile looks.

We also offer same day crowns in less than 2 hours. For more information regarding porcelain crowns or to schedule an appointment, please contact us!

Restore Your Smile

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