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Oral Surgery and Extractions


Our goal at Ivonne Castro Family Dentistry is to preserve your natural teeth as long as possible through preventative care, proactive dentistry, minimally invasive techniques, and our holistic approach. There are certain cases that do require tooth extraction– overcrowded teeth, extra teeth, and wisdom teeth all present situations where extraction may be required. Severely deteriorated or damaged teeth that feature significant decay or missing bone support often lead to necessary extraction as well. Our ultimate goal is tooth preservation– extraction can be necessary in order to preserve healthy teeth and oral health.


Our patient-forward dentistry prioritizes your comfort level first. We strive to provide the most comprehensive sedative and anesthesia options to alleviate any fears or anxieties you may have regarding your upcoming tooth extraction. We always consult with your prior to any procedure to ensure all your concerns are addressed and we have everything prepared for your dental work.



Tooth Extractions


Despite our best preventative care efforts, sometimes tooth extraction is the only viable solution. Tooth extractions are actually a minor surgical procedure that can address your short-term and long-term concerns. Our team is highly experienced in anxiety control and is happy to present all tooth replacement solutions for immediate relief.


Infected and severely damaged teeth can actually pose several health risks to our patients. Despite our goal of preserving natural teeth, extraction can sometimes be the only viable solution in defending your oral and overall health. Once all other preventative dental treatments and procedures have failed, extraction is the last solution. When our patients have decided to undergo tooth extraction, we ensure your comfort and well-being are always our priorities. We provide a multitude of sedative and pain-management options to ensure whatever dental procedure you undergo is stress-free.


Teeth can definitely present their own set of challenges in regards to extraction. Dr. Ivonne Castro and our team ensure proper pain management options in addition to using top-of-the-line dental extraction tools to make the procedure quick and easy. We deliver detailed aftercare instructions and medication that promote an optimized healing period.


We thoroughly discuss both short-term care and long-term options for tooth replacement prior to and after extraction. While leaving a space is always an option, we highly recommend against it due to functionality and aesthetic challenges presented with gaps. Teeth naturally shift and migrate when gaps are available, leading to further tooth loss and poor chewing stability.


Our patient’s health and confidence are always very significant to us– we’ll help support you through only necessary extractions while compiling effective, individualized solutions for restoring your mouth back to optimized health after this procedure. For more information regarding tooth extraction or to schedule an appointment, please contact us!



Oral Surgery


Ivonne Castro Family Dentistry believes in focusing our efforts on preventative care so that minimal dental work is required for each patient. In some cases, minor oral surgery is the only viable option in maintaining or optimizing long-term oral health. Surgery is never the first recommended solution and is only endorsed if absolutely necessary.


Significantly damaged teeth may require extraction if it’s beyond restoration. We provide a wide range of sedation and anesthesia options to promote the most comfortable, stress-free surgical extraction process.


All minor oral surgical procedures are approached with compassion and understanding, with the same extensive selection of sedative and anesthesia choices. From biopsies to reshaping gum defects and removal of problematic bone, our practice is well-trained in a comprehensive range of oral surgical procedures.


Dr. Ivonne Castro and our team present the best solutions available based on your individual case. In certain scenarios, we recommend referrals to one of our skilled specialists to ensure your dental issue is properly solved.


Root Canals


Modern advancements in dental technology make root canals a quick, worry-free procedure for salvaging infected teeth. Infected tissue can easily be removed and prevent your teeth from further deterioration and severe, permanent damage.


Ivonne Castro Family Dentistry believes in taking every measure possible in keeping our patient’s natural teeth. Our holistic, minimally-invasive approach focuses on preventative care and maintenance. Root canal therapy, also known as endodontic treatment, is a restorative procedure used when the nerve inside of your tooth has been damaged. This great alternative to tooth extraction can actually restore your existing tooth to its original function and appearance.


Patients of every age ranging from children to seniors are viable candidates for root canal therapy. Root canals are necessary whenever the soft tissue located within your root canal becomes infected or inflamed. Once this soft tissue suffers from infection or inflammation, it can lead to various serious implications to your oral health. From deep decay to chips and cracks within your tooth, when left untreated, it can lead to severe pain and further deterioration and infection.



Symptoms Showcasing the Requirement of Root Canal Therapy


Patients suffering from pain, prolonged sensitivity to cold or heat, tenderness when chewing or to touch, tooth discoloration, and the swelling, drainage, and tenderness in the lymph nodes are typically signs that you need a root canal. In some cases, patients showcase no symptoms– relying on regular preventative exams to discover these underlying issues.



How Does Root Canal Therapy Save the Tooth?


We remove the inflamed or infected soft tissue during the root canal procedure. Once removed, we carefully clean and shape the inside of the affected root canal then seal the space. Depending on each patient, we place a crown or restorative aid directly on the tooth or utilize fillings in order to bring it back to full function. Our advanced restorative aids and fillings ensure your treated tooth will blend in naturally with the rest of your smile.



Bone Grafting


The bone around your teeth serves as a specialized foundation that unfortunately can’t regenerate once it’s lost. The smallest defects of this bone can jeopardize the stability of your tooth leading to potential tooth loss and other dental issues. Bone grafting presents a solution for preserving your tooth by repairing this damaged component.


Alveolar bone, the special bone showcased around your teeth, is vital for the proper foundation, stability, and overall oral health. Gum disease, tooth extraction, accidents, and a multitude of different types of trauma can jeopardize the alveolar bone’s shape, height, and density. This supporting bone does not have regenerative abilities, meaning once compromised, it’s permanent.


Fortuitously, bone grafting is an available option in repairing deteriorating alveolar bone. Bone grafting is also a great solution for preserving the bone after tooth extraction and are extremely advantageous for patients considering dental implants for tooth restoration. We utilize proprietary, advanced grafting materials to enhance durability for a lifetime.


In certain cases of gum disease, some areas may experience permanent bone loss and jeopardized framing for your teeth, making bone grafting a nonviable option. Preventative care is so important in avoiding these costly, irreversible dental issues. For more information regarding oral surgery and extractions, or to schedule your appointment, please contact us!

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