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Ivonne Castro Family Dentistry in Belle Chasse, LA celebrates a holistic, minimally invasive approach to dentistry. We prioritize proactive efforts that minimize the need for any surgically invasive work, helping ensure that your natural teeth are in great condition for a lifetime. Nutrition plays a major role in both oral health and overall health making it a priority for our patients.


We strive to help you implement healthy habits that contribute to great overall health. Nutrition has such a strong impact on both dental health and overall health, making it an important topic to focus on. Our goal is to guide our patients towards consuming the right types of foods while limiting sugar intake.



The Importance of Nutrition and Oral Health


One of the leading causes of dental decay and poor oral health is the high frequency and amount of sugar consumption. Limiting both the frequency and amount of sugar you or your loved ones’ intake is highly recommended in order to lower opportunities for tooth decay. Rinsing your mouth with water or mouthwash after consuming sugar is always helpful in lowering the risk of tooth decay.



The Impact of Nutrition on Overall Health


Poor nutrition impacts overall health in a multitude of ways. Patients that have poor nutrition are at a much higher risk for cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity in addition to oral diseases. Good nutrition offers a proactive approach to disease prevention while creating optimal health in all aspects of your body.



Taking the Right Steps Towards Proper Nutrition and a Healthy Diet


We offer blood tests for all of our patients that can identify your immune response to certain foods and environmental factors that can trigger inflammation. This is very important when we’re dealing with chronic joint pain (TMD) or periodontal disease. Our team can also help you identify sources of acid– either internal, GERD, or external sources from food and beverage. Reducing acidic exposure can improve the longevity of your teeth and reduce your risk for cavities.


We’re happy to consult with you on your dietary habits in order to ensure your body is receiving the proper nutrition it requires. Discussing sugar limitations in order to promote better oral health is also vital to us.


For more information regarding nutrition and your dental health, please contact us!

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