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Invisible Braces


Many people think that orthodontics simply support a beautiful smile. In reality, having a properly aligned, straight smile leads to a much healthier patient. Having untreated crooked, rotated, or overlapped teeth can cause challenges for dental hygiene. More bacteria and food can gather within these misaligned crevices that floss and toothbrushes simply can’t reach. This, unfortunately, accelerates bacterial sludge that inevitably turns into cavities and leads to gum disease. Even aligning a few misaligned teeth can immediately promote optimized oral health.


Ivonne Castro Family Dentistry not only specializes in children orthodontics, but we also specialize in adult orthodontics! Some orthodontic cases are ideally handled in childhood or teenage years, but it’s never too late to correct crooked, rotated, or overlapped teeth. With so many advancements in orthodontics, adults and children can utilize invisible orthodontic methods. Dr. Ivonne Castro is happy to present you with all your options and help you find the right solution to a beautiful, straight smile. Orthodontics enhances tooth and jaw alignment in addition to functionality and aesthetics. Proactive approaches to identifying issues sooner can lead to an easier treatment plan with better results, but it really is never too late to start your orthodontic treatment plan.


Often times, patients can be hesitant towards pursuing orthodontics due to the misconception that only traditional braces are available. At Ivonne Castro Family Dentistry, we offer invisible braces with ClearCorrect which provide effective results for our patients in achieving a beautiful, healthy smile.



ClearCorrect vs. Invisalign


ClearCorrect and Invisalign both are a series of clear, custom-fit, removable aligners that slowly realign teeth into the desired position. At Ivonne Castro Family Dentistry we offer ClearCorrect as the most affordable solution for our patients. ClearCorrect has been in business for several years to provide an alternative solution to Invisalign. In contrast to Invisalign, Clear Correct offers three distinct options for addressing your teeth in the most optimal manner.  We will discuss these options with you during your consultation.



Benefits of Invisible Braces for Your Smile


Invisible braces are a high-performing alternative to traditional braces. Invisible braces actually minimize many of the problems caused by traditional braces. These innovative oral appliances can be removed while eating and brushing your teeth. This promotes a more comfortable, clean approach to orthodontics for our patients. The clear property of these invisible braces is barely noticeable to the naked eye differing from traditional braces. Not only does proper orthodontics promote a beautiful, properly aligned smile, patients will also lower their risk for cracked teeth and poor gum health. You’ll see amazing results in just 6 to 12 months!



Investing in the Future of Your Smile with ClearCorrect


Ivonne Castro Family Dentistry has been dedicated to growing with the orthodontic industry in order to offer our patients leading equipment and technology. Investing in proper orthodontics proactively minimizes the risk of serious oral health concerns in the future.



Orthodontic Options for Everyone


While invisible braces are a viable solution for 90% of patients, some cases require traditional orthodontics. Some patients simply prefer traditional braces due to the price point or for other reasons. We provide comprehensive orthodontic solutions based on your individual needs and price range.


These custom-fit aligners can also double for at-home professional whitening– discuss your goals and priorities with Dr. Ivonne Castro to discover all the possibilities for enhancing your smile. For more information regarding Invisalign or to schedule your appointment, please contact us!

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