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Oral Cancer Screenings


Preventative dentistry is aimed to discover any underlying issues or minor changes that occur within our patients’ mouths. Every appointment you schedule with us includes an oral cancer screening exam– we take every and any opportunity to conduct a thorough screening to catch potential early signs of oral cancer.


Through conscientious documentation and examination, we take note of all minor changes that occur within your mouth. All individuals are at risk for oral cancer, making these periodic screenings pertinent. Smokers and chewing tobacco users are always at a considerably higher risk than non-tobacco users. The numerous toxic chemicals tobacco users are exposed to accelerates the rate of oral cancer probability. Age is also a risk factor for oral cancer– patients over the age of 40 are more likely to be diagnosed. Additionally, heavy alcohol consumption, overexposure to UV radiation, diets low in fruits and vegetables, and the HPV16 virus are all factors that can lead to oral cancer. Unfortunately, some cellular changes that occur beneath the surface can’t always be detected until critical stages are reached.


Fortunately, early detection and proper treatment of oral cancer can considerably enhance the probability of positive results. According to the American Cancer Society, only 57% of diagnosed Americans survive oral cancer, making regular oral cancer screenings a necessary precaution. If our team suspects anything unusual regardless of how minor it may be, we conduct comprehensive biopsies that are microscopically analyzed by our trusted partnered lab.


Our doctors monitors all the different abnormalities that can occur within our patients’ mouths. Her oral pathology background, extensive education, and training allow her to determine if these changes simply need to be monitored or removed. Non-cancerous changes happen all the time within the oral tissue, so we always recommend allowing us to monitor these changes for you.



Our Methodology for Early Detection of Serious Health Conditions


Our dental team is well experienced in the early detection of chronic diseases like diabetes when we discover inflamed gums or GERD inside your mouth. We also utilize VELscope®, a leading clinical diagnostic aid, for oral cancer screenings during each preventative exam in order to improve early detection. HPV saliva testing is available, providing a quick and easy method that determines your risk for developing oral cancer. Our comprehensive systemic approach is built on early intervention in order to optimize health and minimize the risk of damage to your heart, brain, and vital organs.


With so many various risk factors that can increase your chance of oral cancer, Ivonne Castro Family Dentistry is here to help. From helping our patients quit smoking to creating meal plans that enforce higher amounts of fruits and vegetables, our holistic, proactive approach delivers lifelong solutions for preventative care. Call today to schedule your preventative oral examination!

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