Family Dentistry

Ivonne Castro Family Dentistry is proud to provide the least invasive dentistry promoting comprehensive preventative care for all of your loved ones. Our team loves helping children establish healthy brushing habits that lead to robust, life-long happy lifestyles. We understand that these early experiences heavily shape how your children will perceive the significance of oral health when they’re adults. Our kid-friendly services alleviate all anxieties and fears, ensuring your kids actually look forward to their dental visits.

We proudly serve patients of all ages ranging from your child’s first check-up to providing holistic care for seniors. We’ll help you every step of the way– from orthodontic management to wisdom teeth extraction, we’re looking forward to being able to help your children grow into healthy, well-balanced adults. For more information or to schedule your appointment, please contact us!

Children’s Dentistry

Our dental team is humbled to have served many families, helping our youngest patients create the foundation of great oral health habits. Childhood tooth decay can lead to lifelong medical issues, making preventative care pertinent to establish. Children’s developing teeth and jaw structure pose considerable challenges, requiring experienced dental teams to provide the right care.

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Teen’s Dentistry

Teen years always present their own set of difficulties– when it comes to your teen’s dental health, a completely different set of challenges face your child during this time period. As teenagers gain more independence with their food and beverage habits, it’s quite common for cavities to accelerate. At-home oral hygiene routines can also become inconsistent as your teen’s priorities change, making regular cleanings and preventative exams even more pertinent.

Adult’s Dentistry

Unfortunately, some adults face dental problems regardless of their oral hygiene habits and overall good health condition. From genetic predisposition to other underlying causes, understanding the source of the dental disease can alleviate your building frustration. Our individualized treatment plans can optimize your oral health based on all the contributing factors.

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Root Canal Therapy

We always promote the least invasive approach, focusing our efforts on preventative dentistry. There are instances where painful, problematic teeth have only one option: root canal therapy. Rather than extract otherwise healthy teeth, root canal therapy is a restorative treatment for patients of all ages. Our advanced root canal therapy approach delivers a comfortable, worry-free process that can be completed in one visit.

Ortho Screenings

Monitoring the growth and development of your children’s teeth is vital in providing proper ortho screenings. Having the opportunity to identify jaw alignment issues early offers optimized timing for orthodontic planning. We meticulously monitor this development at every preventative exam your child has.


A common issue with molars are the deep crevices that run across them. While brushing daily may reduce bacteria partially, these crevices tend to trap bacteria beyond where your bristles can reach. Left untreated, the bacteria breeding within these crevices can lead to cavities accelerating to the deterioration of your tooth structure. Sealants provide a proactive approach, eliminating these creviced breeding grounds for bacteria growth.

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