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Ortho Screenings


Ortho screening becomes necessary as your children begin growing out of their baby teeth. We provide comprehensive ortho screenings that are included in every routine dental examination for our younger patients. Proactive ortho screenings provide ample time for our team and your family to plan potential orthodontic work. Every patient requires different orthodontic care if at all, we create customized treatment plans based on what’s best for your child. Some children start orthodontic work as early as seven while the majority are teenagers when they begin.


Considering Orthodontics at an Early Age


Some orthodontic treatments are best started at an early age– braces can add needed space to children’s mouths once their larger teeth come in. This can allow proper alignment and development, avoiding extensive orthodontic work in the future. Narrow jaws, severe underbites, and overbites are also better treated at a younger age, it’s much easier guiding growing jaws and makes a significant impact in the future. Once your child’s jaws and mouths stop growing in their teen years, the only corrective measure for these issues is surgery. Surgery is highly invasive, expensive, and all around undesirable, making it important to correct these issues when your child is young.


Every orthodontic treatment plan is different and based on the individual. The average time this treatment plan takes is around two years but it can definitely vary. Ivonne Castro Family Dentistry is proud to be the leader in orthodontics, optimizing the functionality and aesthetics of every patient. With all the leading orthodontic appliances and equipment available at our disposal, we ensure we’ll have the right solution for your family.


Adult Orthodontics


We also specialize in adult orthodontics– ortho screenings are completed as a part of adult preventative care examinations as well. Having the proper alignment and bite can really enhance your chewing system and lead to less tooth decay and overall dental issues.


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