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Adult’s Dentistry


Ivonne Castro Family Dentistry believes preventative care is vital for adults of all ages. While missing your regular cleanings and examinations may seem like no biggie, any small dental issue from tooth decay to the beginning stages of gum disease always leads to expensive, larger issues that require invasive dental work. Left untreated, dental infections and gum disease do lead to severe pain, emergency treatment, and inevitably tooth loss.


The millions of bacteria that currently live within your mouth feed off of sugars and simple carbohydrates found in everyone’s diet. The more sugars and carbohydrates they get, the more they breed and accumulate on your teeth and gums. These bacteria transform this energy course into acidic waste that can deteriorate your enamel, forming holes, also known as cavities. Some bacteria even produce toxic waste that promotes bleeding gums and deterioration of the bone around your teeth. The number one cause of people losing their teeth is due to infection.


Dental infections are treated with consistent at-home care, regular preventative check-ups, periodic comprehensive cleanings that remove tartar, and fluoride varnishes that strengthen your enamel. We also present custom-tailored dental plans for our patients that are prone to dental infections.


Dental infections not only affect oral health but can affect many different areas of your body. When the bacteria in your mouth is able to gain access to your bloodstream via bleeding gums, this bacteria is carried throughout the heart and brain. This can result in damaged intricate vessel lining, vessel blockage, heart attacks, strokes, and more. Recent studies have shown that this same process links dental infections to arthritis, diabetes, and some cancers.



Healthy At-Home Dental Care Habits


Ivonne Castro Family Dentistry is here to help you succeed in your oral healthcare journey. Here are our tips on how to maintain optimal oral health:



Always brush and floss twice a day— the consistency of this routine ensures that plaque is removed prior to hardening into tartar. There are so many various flossing methods available now, providing you options on what’s most comfortable for maintaining gum health. Our doctors may recommend a tongue scraper as well.


Brushing for at least two minutes every time is vital— many electric toothbrushes have this feature built-in. Setting a timer on your phone is always helpful as well. We like to recommend breaking up the two minutes into 30-second increments for each of the four sections of your mouth.


Using mouthwash after brushing can really help eliminate bacteria— complete your brushing session with dentist-approved mouthwash to really kill bacteria within the crevices of your teeth and gums.


Rinsing your toothbrush thoroughly and change out the heads every three months— bacteria can linger on your toothbrush making it vital to keep it sanitized. Switching out your toothbrush or toothbrush head regularly promotes better oral care and hygiene.


Limiting sugars and starchy foods from your diet reduce tooth decay— sugars and starches feed bacteria that lead to tooth decay. Keeping these foods and drinks at a minimum is beneficial to your overall health as well.


Utilize straws for sugary and acidic beverages— straws limit the contact of sugars and acids from beverages to your teeth. This is a good habit to have in preserving enamel and teeth.


Don’t brush your teeth after consuming or drinking acidic items— brushing your teeth after having contact with acidic foods, beverages, or after vomiting can deteriorate your enamel. We recommend using mouthwash or rinsing with water.


Drink water after eating or drinking— swishing water around helps clean out the larger deposits of food from sticking to your teeth.


Stay proactive with your cavities— it’s significant to get cavities treated before they accelerate the deterioration of your teeth and oral health. Small dental issues always transcend into invasive dental work if not immediately treated.


Regular cleanings and preventative examinations are recommended every six months for adults— preventative dentistry is always significantly more affordable than dental treatments and procedures. Seeing us every six months ensures advanced dental disease and issues are prevented.


For more information regarding adult’s dentistry or to schedule your preventative care appointment, please contact us!

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