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Dentures are a budget-conscious solution for replacing missing teeth, whether it’s a single tooth or several teeth. Renowned for their high success rate, dentures are a great option for restoring your smile and overall oral health.


Dentures are a removable oral appliance that’s a great substitute for missing teeth. Full dentures are designed for patients that are missing all their teeth while partial dentures have the capability of replacing only individual missing teeth in order to improve chewing and eliminate gaps that can cause further deterioration and tooth loss. Dentures are fully customized for each individual patient– we’re happy to help find the right solution for you.


We offer same day, immediate dentures. The advantage of immediate dentures is that you can walk away with a full smile the same day, immediately following the removal of natural teeth. A set of immediate dentures may be the best solution when complete extractions of your remaining teeth are unavoidable, but it would be inconvenient for you to live without teeth while conventional dentures are created. However, because immediate dentures are inserted right after your dental surgery, the gums and jaw will change shape as they heal so it may be necessary to have an immediate denture adjusted with a follow-up appointment.



Full Dentures


Unfortunately, there can be dental conditions that are left untreated or become unmanageable, leading to the complete loss of your teeth or the decision to extract your remaining teeth on one or both jaws. Full dentures provide the most affordable, competent solution for restoring your smile.


Full dentures are composed of an acrylic base that imitates your gums and is placed on existing gum tissue. Either acrylic or porcelain teeth are custom built into this acrylic base, portraying the most natural appearance. Our highly experienced team helps you pick out the right teeth that blend harmoniously into your natural smile. This versatile option allows you to completely change your smile or simply restore your original smile.


Modern advancements in dental technology provide patients the opportunity to either have permanently fixed dentures or the ability to remove them. Implant-supported dentures deliver an even more effective, long-lasting solution that looks more natural. Our doctors are happy to discuss the differences between permanent and removable full dentures, helping you find the right solution for you.



Partial Dentures


Regardless of the number of teeth you’re missing, these gaps take a toll on your complex chewing system making it more difficult to function and smile. This budget-conscious solution replaces the missing teeth while filling in these dysfunctional gaps. Partial dentures prevent your remaining teeth from shifting and leading to further tooth loss.


Partial dentures utilize a narrow metal framework designed to rest near your gums and deliver a comfortable, smooth feel. This metal framework is supported by neighboring teeth for optimal security and reliability. Natural replacement teeth made from either porcelain or acrylic are methodically attached to the frame while incorporating a gum-colored acrylic to blend seamlessly into your mouth. Each mouth is unique– Dr. Ivonne Castro and our skilled, trusted technicians work together to individualize a solution that optimizes comfort and beauty.


Dental implants can also be incorporated to support these removable partial dentures which can further improve the comfort and fit while reducing the necessary size of the oral appliance. Dentures inherently have a learning curve, that’s why we work hard to help you adjust comfortably.


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