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Dental Implants


Our health-centered approach to dental implants focusses on empowering you with information so you can take control of your dental health. While permanent, adult teeth are expected to last a lifetime, there are certain cases that unfortunately result in the loss of a tooth. From gum disease to accidents, there are many ways adults can lose a permanent tooth. Your mouth works together requiring a full set of teeth, healthy gums, and proper alignment for optimized functionality– even if just one tooth is missing, it can drastically affect your complex chewing system. As your teeth compensate for this loss, they can slowly migrate into the extra space, causing an acceleration in a wide set of various dental issues.


It’s vital to replace missing teeth before it leads to even more severe damage. When it comes to replacing missing teeth, Ivonne Castro Family Dentistry has numerous, versatile solutions for this problematic issue. We tend to recommend dental implants due to their high-performance capabilities and long-term solution, although different recommendations may be offered since every case is different.


Our team is highly advanced in finding suitable solutions for missing teeth based on each individual case. We’re here to help you find the right option for your smile and health.


Dental implants are high-performing solutions that can optimize functionality, beauty, and overall dental health. Our state-of-the-art dental implants perfectly mimic natural teeth and is a great solution for one or more missing teeth. From single crowns to complete bridges supported by dental implants, this versatile solution is highly effective for numerous cases.


Dental implants are renowned for their high success rate providing a long-term solution for missing teeth. These customized, meticulously installed implants deliver advanced functionality and durability comparative to your natural teeth. Our contemporary dental implants utilize titanium posts combined with porcelain to engineer life-like results that our patients often mistake for their own natural teeth. A high-performing solution for one or more missing teeth is incorporating dentures to be attached to dental implants. Dental implants can also promote facial structure preservation and prevent bone deterioration caused by missing teeth.


Ivonne Castro Family Dentistry utilizes leading dental technology including digital x-rays, models, 3D mapping, photographs, and various case guides to create an individualized plan for creating the best dental implant systems for your dental health, functionality, and aesthetics. We have trusted specialists that we draw upon as needed to complete all components of your dental implant systems.



Surgical Dental Implants


Ivonne Castro Family Dentistry excels in sedation dentistry, providing a wide selection of sedative options for our patients to ensure optimal comfort and alleviate any anxieties. We incorporate various forms of sedation to perform surgical implant procedures.


In certain cases, we may place a temporary or permanent crown during your surgical implant procedure. We offer different temporary solutions in cases requiring multiple implants so that our patients can remain confident in their smiles throughout the process.


Dental implants cannot endure regular bite until your bone has properly attached to the delicate surface. Dr. Ivonne Castro creates a custom post-surgical plan that promotes appropriate healing while your implants integrate into your mouth. The healing process typically lasts from three to six months but can last longer than 15 years with excellent dental hygiene. Patients tend to have minimal discomfort after surgical implants are installed particularly when compared to the tooth extraction process.



Restorative Dental Implants


Dental implants designed for restorative dentistry incorporate custom-tailored crowns or bridges that are bonded with either dental cement or small screws. Our team fully studies every component to create the right individualized restorative dental implant plan for each patient. Whether you’re simply replacing one tooth or require a complete restoration of your entire mouth, we’ve got you covered. Dr. Ivonne Castro creates a plan-of-action that will optimize the functionality and aesthetics of each smile.



The Cost-Effective Option for Missing Teeth


Dental implant procedures are definitely vital for patients to consider. This complex dental procedure provides comprehensive benefits that utilize cutting-edge technology, years of experience and knowledge, in addition to custom-fit lab-engineered creations. Patients save considerably when deciding to have dental implants installed rather than addressing the severe, further damage of leaving your missing teeth untreated. When compared to replacing joints and bones throughout your body, dental implants feature a much more attractive price point. The recovery period allows patients to begin normal activities immediately and enjoy a lifetime of optimized chewing, stability, and beauty. Our team understands that the financial aspect of dental implants is significant in creating the right course-of-action for you.


The comprehensive cost of dental implants is based off numerous factors that differ from patient-to-patient. Understanding that estimates require an extensive evaluation is vital– patients need to also factor in the quality of materials utilized in this dental procedure when making comparisons in pricing.


Ivonne Castro Family Dentistry is proud to be the industry leader in dental implants. We provide our patients with only the highest quality materials, state-of-the-art dental technology, and years of in-depth experience, training, and knowledge. For more information regarding dental implants or to schedule your consultation, please call us!



Full or Partial Dentures


Some cases require a removable oral appliance for optimal results. Dr. Ivonne Castro can custom create full or partial denture systems to restore your missing teeth– dental implants may be combined with dentures in certain cases to provide the best solution for you.

Learn more about our denture services.



Porcelain Bridges


Porcelain bridges present a modern, technologically advanced solution for missing teeth. Since dental implants are more popular these days, there are even more options for repairing the missing gaps found within your smile. Individualized porcelain bridges can be incorporated for stunning results in functionality and beauty.


A fixed porcelain bridge can be an ideal solution for a patient missing teeth. This dental prosthetic is ideal for patients who still have some of their natural teeth since the bridge utilizes these neighboring teeth as anchors. The porcelain bridge is attached to these neighboring teeth on either side of the missing teeth, providing a very natural-looking solution that promotes functionality and beauty. This solution can last for many years but the supporting, neighboring teeth are subject to deterioration.



Incorporating Porcelain Bridges with Other Dental Solutions


In order to prevent further deterioration that can lead to missing teeth, adding dental implants promotes an even higher-performing alternative to reduce the stress caused to the remaining teeth. Dental implants can serve as the roots of the missing teeth, providing further support and durability for your chewing system.


Ivonne Castro Family Dentistry is highly skilled and experienced in delivering proper dental solutions for patients missing teeth. Each case is different, enabling us the opportunity to custom-tailor porcelain bridges, dental implants, and other preventative measures that support overall dental health, functionality, and aesthetics. For more information regarding porcelain bridges or to schedule an appointment, please contact us!


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