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Porcelain Veneers


Ivonne Castro Family Dentistry wants all our patients to feel confident and satisfied with their smiles. One of our favorite cosmetic dentistry tools is porcelain veneers. They offer a wonderfully conservative approach that preserves your natural teeth while offering beautiful aesthetics and functionality. Often referred to as instant orthodontics, porcelain veneers provide an effective solution to a wide scope of cosmetic dental issues– ranging from stains, chips, and discoloration to transforming the length, size, and orientation of teeth.


Our team is highly experienced in producing beautiful, individualized porcelain veneers specially engineered for each tooth. These ultra-thin porcelain veneers are bonded to the outside of your natural teeth, replicating perfect aesthetics. We always like recommending porcelain veneers due to their minimally invasive approach and high performance.



Starting the Porcelain Veneer Process


In order to successfully give our patients effective, long-lasting porcelain veneers, proper planning is required. Our dental team utilizes photographs, x-rays, and models in order to create custom-built veneers for each patient. If there’s anything specific in regards to aesthetics that our patients are looking for, we carefully incorporate your goals and requirements when designing your veneers.



The Next Steps


Once Dr. Ivonne Castro and our team meticulously plan your porcelain veneer case, it only takes two appointments for you to experience all the benefits veneers have to offer. During your first appointment, we prepare your teeth to ensure that our ultra-thin porcelain veneers have space for installation. We deliver all the information required for our master lab technician to create your individualized veneers.


In order to guarantee you love the look of your veneers, we produce a temporary acrylic restoration that imitates the porcelain veneers. Our patients wear these for about three weeks, allowing them to make the most informed decision regarding their smile and alter their veneers, if desired, prior to installation.



Bonding Process for Porcelain Veneers


Once our patients finalize their input regarding their temporary acrylic restorations, the lab custom creates their porcelain veneers. Patients then return for their second appointment where Dr. Ivonne Castro tries each veneer in order to evaluate the appearance and fit, giving our patients another opportunity to examine the new look. If Dr. Ivonne Castro and the patient are both satisfied with the finished product, we begin to precisely bond the porcelain veneers to the outside of your natural teeth. Once bonded, minor adjustments and a final polish are completed. All of our patients that have undergone this procedure are stunned when they see the final product and simply can’t stop smiling!


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