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Porcelain Onlays


Whenever we choose the right course of action when restoring patient teeth, it’s vital for us to utilize a conservative methodology that promotes preserving the natural teeth as much as possible. With so many advances in modern dental technology, there are numerous options available that promote our philosophy.


Porcelain Onlays Improve Beauty and Function


Severely damaged teeth can make anyone less confident in their smile while leading to more dental issues. Porcelain crowns and veneers are perfect for extremely damaged teeth and subtle deterioration– for moderate damage taking form in smaller fractures, porcelain onlays present a great solution. While crowns require more preparation of the tooth for installation, onlays allow undamaged portions of your tooth to be left unmodified. Individualized pieces of porcelain are simply bonded to the damaged area only.


Our advanced porcelain onlays blend harmoniously with your natural enamel, concealing damage while protecting against new damage. Porcelain onlays are extremely effective in optimizing functionality and appearance.


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