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Composite Fillings


Composite fillings are a great restorative dentistry method we love utilizing in our practice. Our state-of-the-art composite fillings are tooth-colored and blend completely into your natural tooth structure. Perfect for cavities and small fractures, composite fillings prevent these issues from spreading and causing further permanent damage to your teeth. Composite fillings are more versatile and effective than outdated metal restorations, offering the ability to preserve more of your natural teeth.


Improve Aesthetics and Function with Composite Fillings


Composite fillings provide an impressive solution that addresses both functionality and aesthetics. This conservative approach stops dental fractures and cavities from spreading while filling them in so that they can’t be seen whenever you smile. Our proprietary composite blend is molded against your prepared tooth structure and bonded by a dental curing light, curing within seconds of application. This invisible restoration can be completed in just one dental visit and promotes a stunning, healthy smile.


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