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Cosmetic Dentistry


Ivonne Castro Family Dentistry is committed to using a health-centered approach to cosmetic dentistry. We understand how important your smile is to you and your loved ones.  It’s significant that each and every one of our patients is confident in their teeth– everyone understands how closely self-esteem and relationships are tied to the way their smile looks. Our well-experienced team is up-to-date on the ever-growing cosmetic dentistry industry. We strive to understand the best techniques for cosmetic care and provide a comprehensive selection of services, including:


  • Whitening teeth
  • Repairing cracks and fractures
  • Filling gaps in between teeth
  • Correcting overcrowding
  • Reshaping teeth
  • Replacing missing teeth
  • Replacing outdated metallic restorations


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Porcelain Veneers


A porcelain veneer is an ultra-thin cosmetic piece that features tooth-colored porcelain or composite that’s applied over the surface of a damaged tooth. This permanent solution corrects a multitude of dental issues including deteriorated enamel, uneven tooth alignment or spacing, discoloration, and cracks or chips. This custom cosmetic solution can enhance any smile.


Learn more about our porcelain veneers cosmetic services.



Composite Fillings


Our state-of-the-art composite fillings are a minimally invasive solution to fixing cavities, chips, and fractures found that can be found throughout the surfaces of teeth. Composite fillings completely blend into the surface of your teeth, offering an affordable, quick cosmetic solution.


Learn more about our composite filling cosmetic services.



Teeth Whitening


Stained, discolored teeth is a very common issue among our patients. Whether you drink coffee regularly or have a genetic disposition that causes yellowing or stains throughout the surface, our professional whitening systems can help. One session can drastically enhance any smile, removing years of discoloration.


Learn more about our professional whitening services.



Porcelain Crowns


Severely damaged teeth can lower anyone’s confidence– it may seem hopeless but in these cases, there usually is still a solid foundation within your tooth enabling us to provide you with porcelain crowns. These custom-tailored crowns deliver a seamless finish, completely transforming your smile.


Learn more about our porcelain crown cosmetic services.



Porcelain Onlays


Porcelain onlays provide a great solution for fractured teeth that are too large for fillings but don’t qualify for a crown either. This cosmetic dental solution provides the proper reinforcement without being covered entirely. Our team meticulously bonds these into place in order to deliver years of natural beauty.


Learn more about our porcelain onlay cosmetic services.



Gum Contouring


Gums are the framework for your beautiful smile– having gentle gum contouring can provide aesthetically pleasing proportions for your teeth while also offering better support for your dental health. Improving the shape of your gums prevents bacteria from breeding.


Learn more about our gum contouring cosmetic services.

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