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What to Expect from Your First Dental Visit

Here at Ivonne Castro Family Dentistry, we understand that our first-time patients appreciate being informed and prepared for their upcoming visit. We’ve outlined an overview of what you can expect from your first visit to our dentistry!

Developing a Life-Long Dental Relationship with Our Patients

We prioritize our patient relationships, making your first visit crucial in getting to know our team while we get to know you. This initial visit gives you the opportunity to ask us any questions or express the concerns you may have. The more information you’re able to share with us regarding your dental care and overall health, the more individualized treatments we’ll be able to provide you.

In order to better develop a patient relationship and offer you the safest, custom-tailored dental care, we’ll need to review your medical history. When it comes to dental treatments and procedures, there are certain medical conditions and medications that can influence protocol. You’ll be asked to provide a comprehensive list of your medications, vitamins, daily supplements, as well as dosage.

Your first dental visit will begin with an extensive oral exam with one of our doctors. To better establish your dental health, we take a full-mouth series of x-rays in addition to meticulously examining your teeth, gums, mouth, and jaw. This in-depth examination also includes a non-invasive oral cancer screening and diagnosis of any oral conditions or early-stage symptoms.

Experience the Most Comprehensive Dental Care in Louisiana

Ivonne Castro Family Dentistry has been providing the most dental care to all of our wonderful patients for numerous years. If this is your first visit to the dentist in a while, don’t worry– you’re in great hands. You should be proud for making the significant decision to begin prioritizing your dental health!

Once all of your x-rays are taken and your first oral examination is complete, Dr. Castro or Dr. Brown will discuss all their findings with you. We’ll work together to create an individually-tailored, highly-effective treatment plan that focuses on proactive care and optimal health. We understand budget constraints and are happy to work with you to stagger your treatments in order to accomplish great oral health in an affordable timeframe.

We want you to feel comfortable and a part of our family– our team goes above and beyond to ensure you feel safe and relaxed during every visit. All aspects of your comfort will always be addressed by our team. We’re well experienced in handling dental anxiety and are happy to work with you so that ultimately, you look forward to coming in.

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