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Nutrition: The Key to Great Oral and Overall Health

Ivonne Castro Family Dentistry in Belle Chasse, LA celebrates a holistic, minimally invasive approach to dentistry. We prioritize proactive efforts that minimize the need for any surgically invasive work, helping ensure that your natural teeth are in great condition for a lifetime. Nutrition plays a major role in both oral health and overall health making it a priority for our patients.

Benefits of Proper Nutrition for Our Dental Patients

Proper nutrition is the most important factor to improve immune system response, reduce inflammation, and improve healing. With a proper diet that includes lowered sugar intake, patients can drastically lower their risk for cavities and gum disease. Lowered sugar intake and a healthy diet also lower the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and other serious health conditions.

Taking the Right Steps Towards Proper Nutrition and a Healthy Diet

We offer blood tests for all of our patients that can identify your immune response to certain foods and environmental factors that can trigger inflammation. This is very important when we’re dealing with chronic joint pain (TMD) or periodontal disease. Our team can also help you identify sources of acid– either internal, GERD, or external sources from food and beverage. Reducing acidic exposure can improve the longevity of your teeth and reduce your risk for cavities.

Our Health-Centered Approach to Nutrition at Ivonne Castro Family Dentistry

Our health-centered approach to nutrition at our practice in Belle Chasse, LA focuses on empowering you with information so you can achieve all the benefits of proper nutrition to take control of your dental health. We believe that by providing you with high-quality professional care, educating you on dental-related matters, and supporting you through ongoing coaching, we can help you reach optimal dental health through proper nutrition. Good health is truly the greatest wealth that one can possess in life. We are proud to serve patients from Belle Chasse, Plaquermines Parish, West Bank New Orleans, Harvey, and Algiers.

For more information regarding our approach to nutrition and optimal dental health, please contact us at 504-372-6119 and schedule your appointment today!

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